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Welcome to our Blog!

Community Partnership on Aging is thrilled to be launching our blog! We plan to use this space to promote independence, community involvement, and well-being. 



STC at South Euclid

Interested in learning more about how to “age in place”? On this blog you will find helpful tips and links to information on how to stay independent. This could include a highlight of a program – such as Senior Transportation Connection – or important information from our Outreach Workers on how to prevent falls in your home. This blog will serve as a resource to you when it comes to lengthening your independence.

Community Involvement 


We hope to make it easy for you to be an active member of the community. Through volunteer opportunities, agency wide events, and events happening each day in at least one of the five cities we serve there is no shortage of opportunities to get up and get out. We will use the blog to not only highlight these opportunities through our organization, but highlight what else is going on around the area.

We will also use this space to feature members of our community. We want to share your stories and on Thursdays throughout the year, we will share pictures and stories of our community members and interview those people about their personal stories.

Through this blog, we hope you grow in your connection to our organization and the community we have built.



It is our hope that this blog will serve as a resource for you to increase your personal sense of well-being. We will be using this space to feature news in health and wellness, interviews with the experts, nutritious and delicious recipes, and valuable resources on how to increase your personal sense of achievement and happiness through body and mind.

Community Partnership on Aging has been providing support to our communities since 1978, and we are looking forward to bringing that knowledge online through this blog.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back or subscribe to the blog by adding your e-mail address through the link on the sidebar.




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